Serving the Bottled Water and Beverage Industry


ARK Specialty Services

50 Jackson Avenue • Bradford, PA 16701

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ARK Specialty Services provides a full range of  regulatory, technical and information services to the bottled water and beverage industries.  Below is a sampling of services offered. 

Regulatory Consulting

Label Review:  Evaluation of product labeling from the standpoint of compliance with applicable state and federal requirements.

New Permit Applications:  Advice and assistance in preparation, submission and monitoring of state applications for permitting of new products.

Liaison Services: Assistance in direct and indirect liaison between clients and governmental agencies. 

Technical Support

Product Compliant Remediation:   Support in the identification and remediation of customer product complaints involving aesthetic issues.

Analytical Compliance Review:  Interpretation of analytical results and evaluation of compliance with regulations and standards.

Analyte Remediation:  Identification of sources of contamination and development of corrective action. 

Analytical Monitoring Programs:  Design of customized analytical testing programs for  regulatory and quality control purposes.

Information Services

Regulatory Updates:  Continuing updates and advice on current regulatory and policy developments at the federal and state levels including reporting on pending legislation and rulemaking activities.


Research Activities:  Customized research to obtain desired information on a particular topic of interest.  Research activities may include surveying of state regulators and review and summary of state and federal regulations.

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